Purple Thumb

Abstract Art by Terri Cooney


Terri Cooney Australian Abstract ArtistTerri is a creative, poetic artist who is able to create a piece of unique and individual artwork to enhance a blank space in your life.

By relaying your favorite colours, expressing the mood and theme of your choice, Terri will produce a canvas for you or as a gift.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia she enjoys tactile activities, has a profound sense of being, she is also known to be a soulful writer of obscure poetry.

She has exhibited at the Challinger Gallery Adelaide, and many of her works can be found hanging in private homes.

All of her artwork is signed with her unique thumb print signature ‘Purple Thumb’

Please contact Terri for more details.

Phone: +61 8 8293 5405 | m. 0423 239 982

email: art@purplethumb.net